The Wrong Girl: Season 2

The Wrong Girl: Season 2

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Catalogue no: DP85213

Media: DVD

Category: Television Series, Coming Soon

Genre: Drama

Barcode: 9317731139451

No of Discs: 1

Language: English

Year: 2017

Release Date: 03-01-2018

Availability: In stock

After six months of romantic paradise, aspiring screen producer, Lily Woodward is at crossroads. Taking a break from the new home she's crea
After six months of romantic paradise, aspiring screen producer, Lily Woodward is at crossroads. Taking a break from the new home she's created in New Zealand with celebrity chef Jack, Lily responds to a call-back to Melbourne to help save her old breakfast TV show The Breakfast Bar from cancellation. In doing so Lily barrels headlong into a whirlwind of changes unfolding among the multiple generations of her family and friends. Her father Anthony is looking to re-marry, her mother Mimi is bonding with Lily's best friend Sim and finding a tender connection with Pete's dad, Ivan. And at the Network, Lily greets an epic shake-up (including later, a new host Liam) and finds she's been paired with Jeremy Guerin, a favoured and shrewd co-Producer who is determined to upturn her beloved staff and all the best qualities of her treasured breakfast show. When Jack follows Lily back to Melbourne and encourages them to buy their own house, they're set to take their relationship into a new phase. But when Jack's old flame Gillian appears and he joins to co-star in her new cooking show (a show that is everything Lily couldn't deliver on The Breakfast Bar) and the on-screen chemistry between them flares, Lily's insecurities kick in. Her anxieties don't abate when Lily's introduced to Jack's brother Shaun, who doesn't hold Lily's programme in high regard. Above all Lily has to confront the relationship and feelings she suspended for her kindred friend and soulmate Pete. While Lily's been away, Pete has settled into co-parenting his baby daughter, Manisha, and put in the hard yards as an aspiring music journalist. But when Meredith looks to move to New York with their child and his work is poised to make a breakthrough, Pete, like Lily, faces some difficult truths. As the new trajectories of Lily and Pete's parents: Mimi, Ivan and Anthony play out; the careers of her colleagues: Sasha, Nikkii, Eric and Erica transform; and the relationships of her brother and close friends: Vincent, Sim, Alice and even Bernard intersect, the underlying questions of Lily's commitment and need for authenticity in career, home and within can no longer be ignored. This time, can Lily make the right choice?

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Actors Hayley Magnus, Rob Collins, Ian Meadows, Jessica Marais
Director Mat King
Producer Tom Hoffie
Runtime 352

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