5 Infographics on Libraries and Librarians in the Digital Age


Historians believe that the first libraries ever date back to 2600 BC, when clay tablets in script were discovered archived in temple rooms. Since then, libraries have gone through centuries of change.

No longer just archives of knowledge, today's libraries play a significant role in our society, from being a centre for collaboration and community to a place of knowledge and education. Here are five infographics about the roles of libraries and librarians in the digital age!

1) Libraries Meeting Customers' Needs in the Digital Age

OneDrive-Infographic Click to view in full.

This infographic from OverDrive talks about the role public libraries (and librarians) play in the communities they serve. Source here.

2) Librarians in the Digital Age

digital_librarians Click to view in full.

Learn about how librarians have adapted to and evolved with the digital age from this infographic by the University of Southern California. Source here.

3) Why Librarians Are Crucial in the Digital Age

learning-infographic Click to view in full.

As campuses become increasingly digitised, how is the role of campus librarians changing, and what can they do to further education? Source here.

4) How Public Libraries are Cherished--and Challenged

Public-Libraries Click to view in full.

How are public libraries currently being used, and how has this changed? Source here.

5) Digital Inclusion: Public Libraries Lead the Way

Digital-Inclusion Click to view in full.

Public libraries are shown to be leading the way in providing a wide range of technologies and digital content. Source here.

How has the role of libraries and librarians changed over the years? Let us know in the comments. :)

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