Fast Five Review: The Intern (2015)


2015 | M | Comedy

1) Did you like it?


2) Why?

So this is what The Intern is about:

As her business begins to thrive, the founder of an e-business is told that her company is importing seniors to be interns as a community outreach effort, and she's getting one. While her first question is whether they are seniors in high school or college, she learns to her horror that she's getting a real senior, as in senior citizen. The over-70 widower is bored with retirement from a middle management career and initially seems like a fossil to his working mother boss, but grows more indispensable.

The result is a funny and warm-hearted feel-good movie which casts Robert de Niro as the most perfect gentleman ever—kind, genuine and insightful—and Anne Hathaway as an ambitious, independent career woman who wants it all and seems to have it all. I do feel like the first half of the movie is more enjoyable than the second half, but overall this was a good way to spend two hours.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

  • You love Nancy Meyers' works -- she wrote and directed this one too!
  • You want something uplifting and uncomplicated, with just the right amount of drama to keep things exciting.

4. “This movie made me think about…”

Whether internships for senior citizens really exist -- as a matter of fact, they used to and still sometimes do, although they're a lot rarer.

5. Overall rating?


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