Fast Five Review: Zootopia (2016)


2016 | PG | Animated, Family

In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

1) Did you like it?


2) Why?

Zootopia is a classic feel-good, family-friendly Disney movie. The talking animals (for the most part) are adorable, there is a mystery to solve, the animation is top-notch, and the story itself sends a strong message. I also loved the colourful, imaginative futuristic scenery, so everything was pretty much eye-candy for me. And the sloths -- hilarious, hilarious scene.

3) “You would enjoy this movie if…”

If you're into Disney or animated movies -- I can't imagine anyone hating Zootopia, though.

4) “This movie made me think about…”

How our future cities would look like! There's this scene in Zootopia where a hippo (if I remember correctly) gets out of the water, fully suited, at the city square. He then stands on top of a dryer, dries off, and goes to work. So convenient!

5) Overall rating?


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