The Digitales Digest, Edition One

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Welcome to the very first edition of The Digitales Digest – a series of regular posts in which we'll take a look at a few of the things we’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter during the week. After all, we pride ourselves on posting interesting, fun articles, memes and more - and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the very best of them!

Here are our favourites from this week's links...

Shh happens

A disgruntled library patron in Western Australia let staff know exactly what they thought when they left this anonymous note after their visit:


It’s sparked a conversation about whether libraries should be the thriving, community hubs they are, or dead quiet, snooze-inducingly boring shoosh-fests for the super-serious and incredibly grumpy. You can possibly tell where we stand on the issue...

Either way, we think The Most Loudest Library Ever would make a glorious picture book. Can someone write this for us, please?


The story of a London library


“When I sat in the main reading room, trying to work, I could not focus. I kept trying to imagine the people who had been locked within these walls. I could not detect a trace of madhouse. It was so quiet. The books were so well ordered. How on earth had this gone from a famous asylum to a home for books? Libraries have always made me feel saner. Perhaps someone hoped this would serve the same purpose?”

When writer Rowan Hisayo Buchanan moved to a new area of London, she did what she always does when she feels a little lost – found her way to the local library. However, it turns out her new library has a story of its own…


Let's talk about women in film...frozenfilm

We recently stumbled across a census of more than two thousand films, designed to find out how many lines were spoken by male characters and female characters. It also looked at actors’ ages, as well as film genres. The results include some incredible graphs that will delight your inner statistics nerd - while simultaneously crushing the spirit of your inner feminist. Sorry about that.

Can you guess how many films out of the two thousand surveyed contain more than 90% dialogue spoken by women? Prepare to be enraged, then click here and take a look.

(For the record, 43% of the dialogue in the movie Frozen, pictured above, is spoken by women. And no, we won't let it go...)


Breaking mews...

This is not exactly a news flash to anyone who loves cats, but a scientific study has revealed that watching online videos of cats actually makes people happier. The study involved nearly seven thousand participants, who were asked to rate their level of shyness, as well as whether they consider themselves as cat or dog people (or both!).

According to UNSW psychology lecturer, Lisa Williams, the research might seem “fluffy”, but has a “lot more teeth” than some might think. Best. Scientist. Ever.


(Talking of cat lovers, we reviewed A Street Cat Named Bob right here on the Digitales Blog earlier this week. This adorable movie isn’t without its issues, but as affirmed cat lovers, it won us over completely.)

Thanks for reading our first edition of The Digitales Digest! We’ll be back same time next Friday with a fresh batch of hot-off-the-internet links we think you’ll love. Plus we’ll be reviewing one of the year’s biggest films on Monday! See you then…

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