The Disaster Artist - Film Club Review

thedisasterartistIf you haven't seen The Room you've probably at least heard about how bad it is and maybe even know a quote or two. But now James Franco brings us the story behind one of the worst films of all time and how it became the cult classic it is today.

Title: The Disaster Artist
Genre: Comedy
Classification: M
Director: James Franco

When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.


In general, did people enjoy this film?

Everyone found it enjoyable; An easy-to-watch straight-forward comedy with an interesting story. There was some discussion as to whether the creators were genuine in their portrayal of the characters, and whether if you went into this having read the book, or just knowing more about the story than the film gives, you might be disappointed in the presentation and extent of the content. Having said that, there is definitely room to remove those preconceived notions and simply enjoy it for the film it is, which is mostly just silly and laugh-out-loud funny. And at the end of the day, can we really expect anything more from the Franco brothers?

What did they like / not like about it?

I really liked how clever the humor was. There wasn’t any malice in the portrayal of the characters – the actors somehow managed to pull of a respectful homage when it could easily have become a harsh parody of Tommy Wiseau and The Room. James Franco was so good at playing this eccentric character without turning him into a cartoonish version of a person. The promotional tour surrounding the release of the movie was also very well-orchestrated. - Sally

I was somewhat apprehensive about going into this without having seen The Room, but I was pleasantly surprised. If anything it only made me more curious to watch The Room. I found it highly enjoyable and the story really interesting. However it did leave me wanting to know more and wishing the film had delved deeper. - Mali

I thought it was a very successful comedy. I was hugely entertained from start to finish, and was taken with Franco's performance. I thought the way the non-fiction source material was adapted to a fun, over-the-top, broad comedy was very well done. - Liam

I liked the watchability of the film and the familiar players. Having read the book it's based on however, I thought a couple of things could've been worked on more and James Franco's acting style in impersonating Tommy's voice could have been toned back just a smidge. - Lukas

Keywords used to describe this movie:

Quirky. Engaging. Well-balanced. Hilarious. Fine-tuned. Clever. Laugh-out-loud. Interesting. Cringe-worthy. Silly. Entertaining. Enjoyable. True-Story. Parody. Watchable. Uplifting. Overacted. Well-paced. Meta.

Would people recommend it to a friend?

I'm recommending it to every Mark that I know so they'll get it when I say "Oh hi Mark". - Sally




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