Molly's Game - Film Club Review

mollysgameAaron Sorkin (writer of The Social Network) makes his directorial debut, bringing the true story of Molly Bloom to the screen.

Title: Molly's Game
Genre: Drama
Classification: M
Director: Aaron Sorkin

The true story of an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game and became an FBI target.

In general, did people enjoy this film?

The group agreed that this was a very enjoyable and watchable film! The story was intriguing, the pacing kept your interest (though it jumped around a little at times), and the performances (particularly that of Jessica Chastain) were great. Some of us were a little unimpressed with the amount of voice-over and explanation involved, but others didn't mind it at all. And even though it's a fairly long film (with a runtime of 2 hours and 20 minutes), it certainly didn't feel like it.

What did they like / not like about it?

Jessica Chastain as the lead character is excellent. There are multiple storylines within the film and Chastain does her best to balance the Olympic athlete mentality with a more “human” side of the character throughout. The movie was somewhat disjointed – jumping between storylines and timelines with the (sometimes overly obvious) narration being the only reference point. Despite this, the film was enjoyable to watch simply for Molly Bloom’s focus, clarity and wit. Whether this is a true representation of her or not, it makes for an interesting film from beginning to end and I really enjoyed watching it. - Sally

I found this a very enjoyable film. While there are definitely ways it could've been improved, I didn't find myself thinking about that at the time. Having said that, there did seem to be several different story lines, none of which felt completed. I almost wish it had just focused more on the story of Bloom organising poker games than trying to incorporate every aspect of her life to such a degree. Mali

I thought the movie was put together well in terms of structure and pacing, as you would expect from Aaron Sorkin. This made it enjoyable throughout even though the movie was almost 2 and a half hours. I didn't walk away with any lasting interest in the real-life story or characters, but I was glad to have spent the time with them that I did. Was also great to see Michael Cera playing an unusually antagonistic role. - Liam

Molly’s Game is an enjoyable watch with Aaron Sorkin’s snappy dialogue writing and generally well-paced approach. However with this being his directorial debut, I felt that it was trying a little too hard to be slick. Visually there’s tonnes of editing cuts and even more voiceover. The voiceover for me started getting pretty irritating, like that guy at a party, you know, the one with the over-acted laugh that you can predict exactly when he’s about to belt it out and you want to throw him off the balcony. Otherwise, pretty cool movie! Enjoy! - Lukas

Keywords used to describe this movie:

Dramatic. Engaging. Interesting. Biopic. Snappy. Entertaining. Light.

Would people recommend it to a friend?

Yep, it's an easy watch.



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