Valley of the Boom - Film Club Review


This week we watched the first episode of a six-part docudrama. Crosscut with real interviews, it tells the story of the 1990s tech boom in the Silicon Valley.... Were we hooked?

Valley of the Boom | M | Drama | TV SeriesA five-star rating

A wildly inventive look at the explosive, game-changing birth of Silicon Valley, from the browser wars of the early '90's through the 2001 dot-com bust.

sallyA five-star rating
I enjoyed the pilot episode for it’s subject matter rather than it’s creative showcasing. The switch between the documentary and drama categories was a little disjointed but I still enjoyed the information that was provided. I did find myself doing a lot of the legwork in terms of researching some of the gaps left by the documentary component of the series. Overall I was left interested enough in watching more than the first episode.  

maliA five-star rating
I could see what this series was trying to achieve, but I don't think it quite pulled it off. The execution was somewhat messy and confusing and the mixture of reenactment and real-life interview, in my opinion, didn't work in the way they had hoped. This meant the overall true (and potentially very interesting) story, got lost in the attempt to deliver it in an interesting way. For a case like this I think I'd rather just watch a straight up documentary.

liamA five-star rating
It's always hard to judge a show from the first episode, but this one didn't leave me hooked. The hyperactive pace made it difficult to get a foothold on any of the various storylines. Some focus or patience would not have gone astray. However, the premise of Valley of the Boom is interesting at its core, and sometimes it just takes a few episodes to adjust to the rhythm of a show.

vickyA five-star rating
I wasn't a fan of this docudrama. I can appreciate the efforts made to pique our interest via the actors/real life characters explaining themselves and their past actions to us through the camera, but i found it un-necessarily dramatic and slow-moving. We are asked to invest our time watching many un-likeable people, explaining their version of the birth of the internet- I think I would prefer a straight style documentary.

abhiA five-star rating
I didn't quite like the idea of docudrama. It got a little confused between characters and the timeline too. The concept of Browsers' war is just amazing and that was a precise reason why I wanted to give it a go to this series.


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