The Final Quarter - Film Club Review

finalquearterThis Australian documentary uses archival footage to re-examine an incident that divided our nation, as champion AFL player and Indigenous leader, Adam Goodes takes a stand against racism in the final years of his playing career.

The Final Quarter | PG | Documentary | Non-FictionA five-star rating

Australian documentary filmmaker Ian Darling re-examines the incidents that marked the final 3 years of footballer Adam Goodes' playing career.

maliA five-star rating
This is an extremely important documentary, not just for the AFL community but for Australia as a whole. As someone who at the time of the incident had no interest in the sport and therefore didn't follow the story in the media, it was extremely affecting for me to watch Australians behave in this manner. We as a country are ashamed to acknowledge our past, but how we treat people should not be a reflection of this. While this isn't a brilliantly produced documentary, it's an accessible resource that collates what happened and how it was presented in the media, which is just as if not more important in my opinion.

sallyA five-star rating
I found this documentary informative as I wasn’t aware of any of the details surrounding Adam Goods and his AFL career. It was interesting to watch the debate that occurred at the time. ‘The Final Quarter’ sparked conversation at our film club which is generally the intention of any documentary. Although not the most technically well-made film, my interest in the topic has definitely increased and I look forward to seeing any positive movement that come from the wider discussion over time.

vickyA five-star rating
Channel 10’s snapshot representation of events surrounding the Adam Goodes saga. An interesting report – but overall without a lot of depth. Although both sides of the debate are presented, I felt that contextually it was lacking. If you are after a more comprehensive  analysis – watching “The Australian Dream” might be a better option.



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