Scary Movie Month


During the month of October we've been testing your knowledge of scary movies over on our social media accounts in the lead up to Halloween... Did you guess them all? Find the answers below.

Week 1 - Annabelle Comes Home, Slender Man, Child's Play
7.annabellecomeshome 7.slenderman 7.childsplay

Week 2 - Halloween, Happy Death Day 2U, Us
14.halloween 14.happydeathday2U

Week 3 - The Curse of the Weeping Woman, Crawl, Escape Room
21.curseoftheweepingwoman 21.crawl 21.escaperoom

Week 4 - It, The Ring, Pet Sematary 28.thering 28.petsematary


Keep the conversation going and let us know what you watched on Halloween over on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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