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02Check out what we thought about the February new releases - including the Academy Award winner for Best Picture!


A five-star rating
Must watch film of the year! From the impeccable and nuanced storytelling to the superb cinematic craftsmanship I was captivated the whole time with the slightly absurd story it was telling me. Certainly my flavour of film and very deserving of the accolades and praise it's received.  - Mali

A five-star rating
A fun twisty-turny tale of class warfare, but unfortunately Bong Joon-ho's over-the-top brand of satire never really vibes with me, and this was no exception. The big reveal halfway through took this one step too far, and from that point forward it never re-aligns its direction. Given the long runtime I found myself quite tired with the whole thing by the end. The craft and some of the ideas are undeniably clever though. 
- Liam

A five-star rating
Along with 99% of audiences I was a huge fan of this film. Those in our office who watched it in its early release spoke very highly of it, and were careful not to reveal the coveted twist. The film kept me guessing from start to finish, and every time I thought I knew what I was coming… I turned out to be very wrong. Highly recommended for its casting and cinematography, as well as the story line, this was easily one of my most memorable films of the year.  
- Sally

A five-star rating
I thoroughly enjoyed it...great acting, unexpected plot and well paced. For me it didn't live up to all of the hype but I still really enjoyed it. 
- Maya

A five-star rating
Serviceable blockbuster fare that hits all the familiar notes but does it in such a competent manner that it's not a big problem. Christian Bale is fun to watch hamming it up in the lead role, but it's far from his best work. The extended racing sequence towards the end is a highlight. - Liam

A five-star rating
I really wanted to like this film, but it was a bit too showy and clean for my liking. While the performance from Bale is certainly the star of the show, Damon falls a bit flat and the supporting characters aren't fleshed out enough to keep me invested. Overall it left me unsatisfied, from what could've been a fast-paced thrill ride with heart. 
- Mali

A five-star rating
Was of historical interest as I had no idea Ford raced at Le Mans against the likes of Ferrari and others – hard to image yer old Ford Falcon burbling down the track.  An exciting experience highlighting the building of the car and the toll on both driver and machine in this 24 hour endurance race.  Lots of revving engines, endless gear changing and accelerator shots and a poignant interwoven story of Ken Miles, their on/off driver.  Egos abound. 
- Eddy


A five-star rating
Run of the mill horror cashing in on current trends (sleuthing teenagers and nostalgia). Maybe spooky for children, but otherwise it bored me to sleep. - Liam


A five-star rating
Really enjoyed this Australian film though quite brutal but resonating with today’s issues of domestic abuse and male aggression.  Also highlights mob mentality (stoning, burning etc) of the past but clearly apply to our time today.  We still have one foot in the jungle!  - Eddy

A five-star rating
This film started strong, but halfway through I felt like I was watching a completely different film. It starts with some good horror scenes, and the beginning of what could have been an interesting tale. However, with the introduction of a travelling clan and their steampunk wardrobe, the entire film ended up as a YA-Mystery-inc type production. There were some ‘Shining’ references interwoven into the end of the film. Understandably sequels and related films don’t want to be an identical remake of the original, but the film felt like it ventured too far from The Shining. - Sally



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