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  • Fast Five Review: The Walking Dead Season 4 (2013-2014)


    Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray in September 2014.

    Review by Naomi

    1. Did you like it?


    2. Why/Why not?

    I’m kind of surprised I’m still watching The Walking Dead four seasons in, as I’m not normally a horror fan but this story has enough non-horror to keep me interested; plenty of strategy, good interactions between characters and character development. In a post-apocalyptic setting, Rick Grimes and a band of other survivors form a group and work together to stay alive in a dangerous new world where the living must fight each other as well as the dead in order to survive. Having lost their semi-permanent shelter, in a jail, and separated at the beginning of the season, the now divided small groups must attempt to go on, but face the very real possibility that nobody from their once close-knit group is still alive. At times the symbolism can be a little heavy handed, with very obvious signifiers of death and life, loss of childhood/innocence, the living becoming animalistic etc. I didn’t always like where the story was going this season, I almost gave up twice, but thankfully the plot didn’t stay too long in any one place. This season saw characters on the move, searching for each other or food and shelter, running from walkers, escaping rival gangs and travelling to Terminus, a place of rumoured refuge.

    3. "You would enjoy this series if..." like a horror and addictive TV.

    4. "This series made me think..."

    ...of all the things I would do in their position.

    5. Stars out of five?

    A solid 3.

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