These are uncertain and unprecedented times and many of us are looking to our local services for assistance and guidance, which means this is also a time for our communities to come together (metaphorically) and share the information and resources we do have available.

The government hasn’t called for school to close just yet, but many have made the decision on their own and even more parents are electing to keep their children home for their own safety and the safety of others. This means continued learning has to be done from home and parents/guardians who may generally turn to their local library at a time like this are unable to do so. While some libraries are remaining open for the time being, most have cancelled programs and events and many have (understandably) closed their doors to the public.

However, the good news is that as libraries have continued to evolve through this technological age, they have gathered additional resources that mean our communities can still access the services they know and love, even through these uncertain times.

With free access to online resourcese-booksaudio booksblog content and so much more – all from the safety of your own home! Here are just some of the resources you might be able to access. Contact your local library for more info.

Assist your children in learning literacy and numeracy skills

DoodleMaths | Educational | Numeracy | Age 4 – 14
The intelligent algorithm will work out your child’s DoodleMaths Age after just a few maths questions answered. It will then automatically adjust maths curriculum-aligned content to them, and adapt to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Challenging and fun questions and games will keep them engaged with daily challenges and learning opportunities.

DoodleEnglish | Educational | Literacy | Age 4 – 14
Using the same adaptive technology that drives DoodleMaths, these algorithms identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and construct a work program based around them. Challenging and fun questions and games will keep them engaged with daily challenges and learning opportunities.

10Monkeys | Educational | Numeracy | Age 6 -10
A new math learning tool to help kids learn basic mathematical skills in a fun game-like environment. Features logical progression and easy navigation, four easily adjustable skill levels and fun jungle, beach, safari and space themes.

Literacy Planet | Educational | Literacy | All Ages
Captivating content and interactive game play! This end-to-end literacy resource that covers pre-reading skills, phonics skills, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading fluency, and comprehension. Automatic and customised lesson plans are included to meet individual learning needs.

Learn a new language

Mango Languages | Language Learning | All Ages
Combining quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations. This is language learning centered around you. Start the conversation in your choice of over 70 world languages and dialects through courses crafted using conversational methodology.

Languagenut | Language Learning | Ages 5 – 17
A vibrant, engaging and academically rigorous language learning tool, offering a fun, interactive way to introduce and consolidate a second language. The visual resources enhance the learning of up to 24 different languages from English and offers an ESL component with 28 support languages for non-English speakers to learn.

Keep your mind active with puzzles and crosswords

Clue Detective Puzzle Agency | Play & Learn | All Ages
With a commitment to promoting the benefits of solving puzzles to people of all ages, Clue Detective has created its own online puzzle portal, which contains a growing number of original crosswords, codewords, trivia quizzes and Sudoku – all of which can be solved on a PC, laptop or iPad and is updated on a regular basis.

Play & Learn basic coding skills

BusyCode | Play & Learn | Coding | Age 6 – 11
Introducing young children to coding and teaching them the fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. They can have lots of fun making Busy Things’ Beard Man walk and dance in Code Disco, plus solve puzzles in Beard Man’s Adventures!

CoderZ | Coding | All Ages
An innovative, friendly and engaging online learning tool, featuring integrated 3D simulations of educational robots within realistically rendered simulation scenes. Patrons can write, test and evaluate their code while solving problems from the real world, enabling them to acquire computational thinking, problem solving skills and learn coding as a life skill.

Entertain the family with streaming services and e-books

Beamafilm | Streaming | All Ages
Offering the finest handpicked collection of independent documentaries and feature films. Sourced from film festivals and latest commercial releases through to the dark corners of independent filmmaking, this fast-growing collection is a treasure trove of old and new cinematic delights to make you think and keep you entertained.

RomanceBookCloud | Literacy | Romance | Adult
An online collection of romance ebooks and audio books of all genres available 24/7. With a core collection of 1700+ titles which have made romance the biggest selling and most popular brand in fiction. Whether it be contemporary, historical, time-travel, inspirational, YA, or paranormal, you’ll  love to read about love at RomanceBookCloud.