Missing the ability to borrow DVDs from your local library to get you through this time at home? Can’t afford streaming services like Netflix and Stan? Or maybe just looking for some more diverse content – all available at your fingertips?

Lucky for you, your local library can still help!

Many libraries offer streaming services like the ones below, that feature a virtual film collection of quality, independent and exclusive content all from the comfort and safety of your own home – and all free for library members!


Tell me a bit about this resource…
Sourced from film festivals and latest commercial releases through to the dark corners of independent filmmaking, this fast-growing collection is a treasure trove of old and new cinematic delights to make you think and keep you entertained. With new content added every week, you’ll never be looking for something to watch again!

What categories do they have?
Films, documentaries, Indigenous stories, Arts, Foreign Language, LGBTQ+ – and so many more!


Tell me a bit about this resource…
Atlasshorts delivers exclusive short films and media via the library to help students, academics and library members reach their full creative potential. Stream exclusive, award-winning short films and student films from the leading production companies, distributors, independent filmmakers, art, design and film schools, all around the world…

What categories do they have?
Oscar Winner, Australian, Canadian, Education, Women in Film, Ermerging Filmmakers – and so many more!


Tell me a bit about this resource…
Content that entertains, educates and informs. Art Films Digital has thousands films across all art forms that you can watch anywhere, anytime. Watch masterclasses, documentaries and interviews across a wide range of topics including performance, electronic media, visual arts, photography, fashion, philosophy, religion, gastronomy, history, politics and psychology!

What categories do they have?
Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre & Performance, Design / Fashion – and so many more!

Contact your local library or check out their website to see what streaming services they have available.