Basic programming and coding is essential for adults and children alike and assist to develop transferable skills that build future opportunities and every day life skills.

Discover our great range of online resources that make learning coding easy and fun for all ages!

RAINFOREST CODING is a developing collection of adventures and activities and is designed to make Scratch programming easier to understand and fun to learn from Early Years through to Primary age and beyond. With great new updates!

BUSYCODE introduces young children to coding and teaches them the fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. Kids can have lots of fun making Busything’s Beard Man walk and dance in Code Disco, plus solve puzzles in the new Beard Man’s Adventures!

CODERZ features integrated 3D simulations of educational robots within realistically rendered simulation scenes. Members can write, test and evaluate their code while solving problems from the real world, enabling them to acquire computational thinking, problem solving skills and learn coding as a life skill.

SWOPBOTS is a platform, puzzle game that introduces children to coding. Help Loop and Switch on their mission to collect the valuable violum crystals. Along the way they will need to use all their coding and problem solving skills to overcome a variety of logic puzzles.