The start of a new month means new stats – and you can now access your user interaction figures via our easy-to-use portal. Let me explain how…

your stats, when you want them

Simply log in to your account on the Digitales website and navigate to e-Resource Statistics from the My Account page.

The landing page gives an overview of all stats for all your resources. From here you can filter by Resource, Year and Month to further refine your view.

Hover over any of the graph bars to view the exact number.

Export a CSV of the data you see on screen (inclusive of filters) using the Download button.

When a resource is selected from the filters you can view your renewal date and quickly Renew Now* for subscriptions reaching the end of the of the subscription period.

Selected resources also feature personalised click-through links that allow you to access more detailed statistics**.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch, we’re always here to help!

*The Renew Now button will only display 30 days prior to the end of your subscription period.
**Click-through links are only available on selected resources and may require you to log in upon opening the link.

Note: Not all e-resource statistics will be visible on our website.
Some subscriptions still require you to log in to the resource for more detailed information.