We’re very quickly approaching the end of the year, which means school holidays, Christmas break, family gatherings and getting ready for the new year!

Thankfully, your local library has plenty to offer to help you through the holidays. Whether it’s keeping the family entertained, catching the kids up on some holiday learning or taking time out for yourself.

The great range of e-Resources can be accessed remotely, which means whether you’re at home, taking a trip or just out for the day you can find plenty on offer for your family and community. Let’s check out some of the them…

your local library has plenty to offer
to help you through the holidays

Busythings is a multi-award-winning collection of educational games and activities for 3 to 6 year olds to help children learn through play and exploration.

Amazing, colourful and quirky, it features a host of playful characters including parachuting pink men, dancing robots, a doughnut-eating monkey and many others…it’s a fun place to be!

Looking for a free streaming option? Try Beamafilm!

Sourced from film festivals and latest commercial releases through to the dark corners of independent filmmaking, this fast-growing collection is a treasure trove of old and new cinematic delights to make you think and keep you entertained. With 800 of the best films included and more every week, you’ll never be looking for something to watch again!

Coding is very popular these days and BusyCode makes it fun and easy for young kids to learn the basics.

Teaching them the fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. They can have lots of fun making Busy Things’ Beard Man walk and dance in Code Disco, plus solve puzzles in Beard Man’s Adventures!

For another fun coding option, try Rainforest Coding.

The adventure takes place on the beautiful Echo Island, part of the Crystal Rainforest. Things suddenly turn very ugly for the scientists living on the island when it is attacked by hundreds of evil robots. Can the children help Doctor Han find her way around the old temples, removing the robots in her way?

Browse our catalogue or get in touch – we’re always here to help you find the right resources for your members and community.