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  • Mango Languages

    Australians are travelling more and every visit to a different culture is enhanced with some of the local language. Mango Languages offers library patrons just that; "Mango uses real-life situations and actual conversations to more effectively teach a new language."
    The beauty of Mango languages is that it can be used at the library or remotely from home and even accessed whilst the person is on holiday overseas and needs to brush up on a few phrases. I've tried out the Italian and the French basic course and was impressed by the simple graphics, practical layout and helpful options (like repeating the pronunciation when necessary) that accompanied the lessons.

    For those of us who are lucky enough to be heading to the Northern Hemisphere to escape the cooler months, a few sessions with online language resources such as Mango languages could help pave the way for successful gelati ordering in Sunny Roma!  Whatever adventures you’re up to this month we hope you’re healthy, warm and well!

  • Public Libraries: Partnering for Success

    Thérèse and Edward headed over to Adelaide recently for the Public Libraries: Partnering for Success Conference at the Entertainment Centre.


    There were some really interesting presentations by well known and innovative speakers including Sebastian Chan's discussion of mobile, social and digital collections and Nicky Parker's thoughts on the future of library leadership in speaking about 'ordinary people doing extraordinary things'.

    It was a great opportunity to meet new people and put names to faces of South Australian librarians.

  • More of the Dark Cloud Collection: The Big Bus 2.0

    In the name of research I jumped on board The Big Bus and took an adventurous journey through the English Country side and beyond! I journeyed to the Enchanted World and helped choose Bo Bear's wardrobe for a trip to the beach; I went to the Adventurer's World and did a bit of sorting and sequencing then climbed back onto the Big Bus and checked out Explorer's World where I helped find the famous Professor Brian Brain who had gone missing (phew!).

    The Big Bus is the winner of the 2011 BESSIE Awards and is described as an 'exciting world of fun interactive learning for children aged 3 to 11 years'. Check it out; Digital Education Services is able to arrange a free trial of this resource if you're interested.

    Be aware that the voice over guiding you through the activities is so reminiscent of characters from Noddy that there is a good chance you'll be craving a nice cup of Tetley tea by the end of the trial...

  • Digital Education Services at the Melbourne Writers Festival: Michael Hyde Part 2

    Michael Hyde, author of 'Tyger, Tyger',  followed Cath Crowley's talk about character development with an entertaining discussion on developing a narrative.

    Hyde's presentation highlighed his compassion for the 'under-dog' and awareness of young people who are struggling at school. At Digital Education Services we're constantly on the look out for resources for young people who are struggling to read and I found Hyde's stories of working as an educator in the Western Suburbs before he began his writing career gave his presentation a particularly refreshing perspective. He encouraged his audience to draw from their own life experience in developing their narrative.

    A collection of Michael Hyde's work, image courtesy of Vulgar Press

    I'll be certainly keeping an eye out for Crowley and Hyde's work in the future...

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