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  • The Digitales Digest - Edition Seven

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    There’s nothing we love more than reading interesting things. Welcome to the Digitales Digest, where every Friday, we round up some of the best articles, opportunities and more that we’ve discovered and shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past few days.


    I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite books when I was young was The Monster at the End of This Book – a Golden Book in which Grover implores the reader not to continue reading the book because there’s a terrifying monster at the end. Author David Burr Gerard is a fan too. He writes for LitHub about the influence Grover had on his life as a reader and as a writer.

    Obviously I don’t remember exactly what drew me to the book; this was before I knew that attachment to a book was something that required an explanation. But I think I sensed something agreeably weird and different in it.


    Game of Loans

    Any Game of Thrones fans out there? If you haven’t seen the most recent episode, you might want to skip this next bit. Not that I'm going to discuss any massive spoilers or anything, but still…just in case.

    Right. For those who saw Monday’s episode, Sam started work in the Citadel library, which involves a lot of heavy duty reshelving, as well as bedpan cleaning, toilet scrubbing and helping out with the odd dissection. Gross. But at least he doesn’t have to show people how to use the photocopier five times a day, right?

    Anyway, so those heavy chains keeping the books on their shelves in the Citadel library? Turns out that real medieval libraries chained their books to the shelves as well…to prevent patrons doing exactly what Sam does in Monday’s episode. Read all about it

    Cats aren't jerks. Science says so.

    People who scoff that cats only hang around with humans for food – you are SO wrong. New research has found that most cats, when faced with the choice, will choose human socialisation to food. Take THAT, dog lovers. Click here to read the rest.


    Smart Sounds

    Ohhh nooooooo. As if I’m not already far enough behind in my podcast listening, the BBC had to go and write a list of great podcasts. NICE ONE, BBC.

    podcastsEntitled “The Best 24 Podcasts to Make You Smarter”, this list is brimming with podcasts that sound amazing. And clever. I’m going to need more listening time. And possibly a bigger pair of headphones to fit around my expanding brain…

    On the Digitales Blog…

    Actually, it’s been a little while since our last Digitales Digest (shhh!) so we’ve got a few reviews lined up to share! Here’s what we thought of The Lego Batman Movie, The Boss Baby and Ghost in the Shell.

    batmanandrobinNext week, we'll have another of our famous Fast Five reviews, as well as a look at what's coming up on DVD in August!

  • 5 Thought-Provoking Podcasts Every Librarian Should Listen To

    Late to the podcast game? Here are some of our quick recommendations for where to start! From librarians, for librarians.
  • Podcasts We Love


    On the train, walking to the train, doing housework, in the car - these are the places I sneak a listen to my favourite podcasts.  They inhabit a space somewhere between audio book and radio.  Mostly they're free and when you find a good one, it's hard to stop listening.

    Here are some of our favourites.



    Philosophy Bites

    For Philosophy buffs or even if you're interested in learning about Philosophy.  On Philosophy Bites David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton interview philosophers on a huge range of topics.  Each podcast is a reasonably brief 15-30min and gives a good overview of the topic and suits the philosophy novice as much as the pro.  Their website also lists the books written by their guests too, for further reading and adding to your birthday wishlist.

    Try these ones:
    Rebecca Roache on Swearing
    Meira Levinson on the Aims of Education
    Lucy Allais on Forgiveness



    TED Radio Hour

    Hosted by Guy Raz, the TED Radio Hour puts together a selection of snippets from TED talks with interviews in between all in connection with the same topic.  It's easy to listen to and just fascinating.  Guy is a great host, drawing out the speakers on interesting elements of their talks.  You can get good book tips on this one too, plus can find some great TED Talks to watch in their entirety.

    Try these ones:
    The Unknown Brain




    I'm new to Invisibilia, but I already love it.  In a similar format to This American Life and Serial, this podcast compiles interviews and storytelling with great soundscapes that help paint a picture for listeners.  Each podcast has a theme and co-hosts Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel speak to people about all the invisible things that control human behaviour - ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

    Try these ones:
    How to Become Batman
    The Secret History of Thoughts



    Stuff Mom Never Told You

    Cristen and Caroline explore the fact, fiction and controversy surrounding all the Stuff Mom Never Told You.  These ladies are great!  Plus they have a really informative website and youtube channel.

    Try these ones:
    Murder She Watched - Part 1
    Women in Comics - Part 1
    Women's Wonderlust



    Stuff You Should Know

    Chuck and Josh research and discuss history, research, science, myth, law, food, social issues, technology, pop culture, health and more - basically all the stuff you really should know.  They have a great website too, plus they have a great 'listener mail' segment at the end of the podcast where they read out emails, answering questions or just briefly reentering the topic from a previous show.

    Try these ones:
    How HeLa Cells Work
    How Tea Works
    Nostradamus: Predictor of the future? Not so much.

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