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  • Fast Five Review: The Paradise Season 1-2


    2014 | PG | Drama
    Reviewed by Maya

    1) Did you like it?

    Yes – I watched the whole 2 series in less than a week. Continue reading

  • Fast Five Review: Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (2015)


    2015 | M | Comedy, Drama

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  • Fast Five Review: Jurassic World (2015)

    Jurassic World on DVD

    Review by Naomi

    1. Did you like it?


    2. Why/Why not?

    Jurassic World was good blockbuster fun!

    The Jurassic World theme park is now 10 years old and visitor numbers are starting to fall, financial backers want a new attraction to draw people back to the park and Dinosaurs aren’t enough of a draw card anymore. They decide to create a hybrid, what could go possibly wrong? Indominous Rex, the dinosaur they create, is super smart, has unforeseen abilities and thanks to her wily ways, escapes and puts the whole park and its twenty thousand patrons under threat. Brothers Gray and Zach are visiting their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who runs the park and gives them all access passes. This places them right in harms way when the Indominous Rex escapes her enclosure. Claire enlists the help of Veloceraptor handler Owen (Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation fame) to help her rescue her nephews.

    I had a ball in this film and there were a few moments when I was gasping at the turns in the plot and the thrills and spills Jurassic World afforded. This felt more like a sequel to the first movie, Jurassic Park, as it had a similar tone and I would be fine if we just forgot that the other two sequels exist. There are a few references to the first movie, but you could watch it as a stand-alone. The only real negative was that it was missing Geoff Goldblum’s glib comic relief. I missed him.

    3. "You would enjoy this movie if..."

    …you loved the rest of the franchise or even if you only loved the first movie.

    4. "This movie made me think..."

    I want some raptor friends to ride motorbikes with.

    5. Stars out of five?


  • Fast Five Review: Chappie (2015)



    Review by Jennifer

    1. Did you like it?

    Yes, very much. It’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

    2. Why/Why not?

    The title character in Chappie is a robot who’s given consciousness, which is not a new concept in science fiction by any means. But the way it’s done here is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is partly due to the unique South African point of view that Neill Blomkamp brings to all his films – Chappie is rough-and-ready in a way that you usually wouldn’t expect from a sci-fi film, especially one dealing with futuristic technology. Blomkamp’s District 9 had this same brutal perspective, and ruthlessly hammered it home all the way through. But despite its brutal aspects, Chappie has some truly heartwarming moments, accentuated by a feral sense of humour.

    All this is enhanced by the fact that, for most of its duration, Chappie is basically Die Antwoord: The Movie. The Cape Town rap group is famous (infamous, perhaps) for their extreme, in-your-face style. They really are perfect for this movie, but if you hate their abrasive, gangster personas then you won’t enjoy the film.

    Also, fun fact: The robot design for Chappie is based on a 2006 Blomkamp short film called Tempbot which you can watch online.

    3. "You would enjoy this movie if..."

    You’re looking for something really original and different, and don’t have a problem with violence and strong language. Also, if you’ve always wondered what a robot with an Afrikaner accent would sound like…

    4. "This movie made me think..."

    Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord must look at American gangsta rappers and think “man, you have NO idea…”

    5. Stars out of five?


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