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  • Fast Five Review: Rush (2013)


    2013 | MA15+ | Action, Biography, Drama
    Reviewed by Paul

    The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Continue reading

  • Fast Five Review: Derek Season 1 (2013)


    Reviewed by Paul

    1. Did you like it?


    2. Why/Why not?

    Derek is a mellow comedy/drama with a good balance of laughs and tear jerking moments. It serves as a commentary of what is important in life and shines a spotlight on the roles which are carried out by the hidden heroes who society seldom acknowledges.

    3. "You would enjoy this movie if..."

    This series is quite different to other Ricky Gervais written shows. However it will appeal to his fans and others who like heart warming stories with laughs thrown in.

    4. "This series made me think..."

    Of the role of kindness in society and the unfortunate way in which some of the most necessary positions in society are under valued.

    5. Stars out of five?


  • Fast Five Review: Odd Thomas (2013)


    Odd Thomas

    Reviewed by Jennifer

    1. Did you like it?

    It wasn’t particularly special, but it was pretty entertaining.

    2. Why/Why not?

    Odd Thomas is just an ordinary guy who works in a small-town diner. Except that he can see ghosts and demonic creatures, and has a talent for helping restless spirits to find peace and move on. Naturally, he also has a great working relationship with the local police chief and passes him tip-offs about baddies from beyond the veil.

    Overall Odd Thomas is a fun movie, if a bit too self-consciously quirky. It’s based on a novel by Dean Koontz, but it has a bit of a comic book feel about it. I felt like there was some in-jokes for the fans that I didn’t get. There are some gore and horror elements, and maybe I’m just desensitised, but to me they weren’t too horrifying. The relationship between Odd and his girlfriend is deliberately cutesy and (there’s that word again) quirky, so you have to get past that as well.

    3. "You would enjoy this movie if..."  4. "This series made me think..."

    You enjoy quirky, supernatural-themed TV shows like Dead Like Me and Grimm. It has some of the same brand of dark humour.

     5. Stars out of five?


  • Fast Five Review: Vikings Season 1 (2013)



    1. Did you like it?


    2. Why/Why not?

    I have been meaning to get into Vikings because I'd heard it was a great show.  The first couple of episodes were a bit disappointing, but by the third I was hooked.  It follows the exploits of Ragnar Lodbrok, a viking who dares to lead raiders to the west against the wishes of the leader of his clan, Earl Haraldson.  I loved getting to know the characters, particularly the women who actually had some depth fleshed out - which is uncommon in these kinds of stories.  It was also interesting to learn, bit by bit, about the priest as he learns about the foreign gods of the vikings, all the while trying to hold to his own faith.

    3. You would enjoy this TV Series if…

    ...you like action and political intrigue!  The costumes are great, the scenery had me pining for the Fjords, and the actor who plays the main character, Ragnar Lodbrok is Aussie Travis Fimmel.  The Vikings seem largely ignored in recent movies and pop culture, so it's nice to see this immersive story.

    4. This TV Series made me think…

    ...that shieldmaidens were cool.  It also prompted me to look up how much of the series is historically correct - my inner history nerd.

    5. Stars out of five?

    A solid 4.

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