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Catalogue no: DES030ONL


Category: Streaming

Release Date: 02-07-2012

Welcome to a fresh take on the best stories set to film, with the finest handpicked collection of independent documentaries and feature films offered to library patrons.

Sourced from film festivals and latest commercial releases through to the dark corners of independent filmmaking, this fast-growing collection is a treasure trove of old and new cinematic delights to make you think and keep you entertained.

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Beamafilm Review by Lukas, V, Rod
1) Describe this resource in one sentence.

Lukas: Beamafilm is a jam-packed documentary and indie film streaming platform so chock-full of goodness your eyes will go square from binge-watching all the high quality content.

V: The quantity of available items is very good with interesting and a wide range of subjects/titles.

Rod: A wide range of resource available at the click of a button.

2) You would use this if…

Lukas: If you are interested in finding high quality documentary and independent films.

V: I would use this if it was affordable!

Rod: If you were interested in relevant issues worldwide.

3) It’s suitable for….

Lukas: High school aged and upward. Documentary lovers. Indie cinephiles.

V: I believe it’s suitable for anyone, as there are plenty of different subjects and titles that can be watched. I think it would be ideal for high schools as a lot of the movies/documentaries are informative and interesting.

Rod: Both genders of all ages.

4) It would be useful for schools and/or libraries because…

Lukas: It’s a rich source of cultural content.

V: Because the subjects that are covered from the various documentaries are subjects that can be taught or looked into for further research.

Rod: Covers a wide range of topics relevant to schools/libraries.

5) My favourite feature is…

Lukas: Watching great content, of course!

V: Don’t really have a favourite feature – just nice as it’s pretty simple to navigate through the whole website.

Rod: The trailers.

(Posted on 2/11/2016)