Food Safari: Elements - Earth Water Fire

Food Safari: Elements - Earth Water Fire

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Catalogue no: MMTV0091

Media: DVD

Classification: E

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Documentary

Barcode: 9322225230699

No of Discs: 6

Language: English

Year: 2016

Release Date: 03-04-2019

Availability: In stock

Cooking from the Elements is the ultimate in cooking simply and perfectly. Combining 3 acclaimed series Food Safari Earth, Fire and Water--e
Cooking from the Elements is the ultimate in cooking simply and perfectly. Combining 3 acclaimed series Food Safari Earth, Fire and Water--each a game changer in showcasing the delicious and varied world of cooking across the world's cuisines, right on our doorstep in Australia. FOOD SAFARI EARTH: explores the endless delicious possibilities of the bounty of the earth - vegetables, fruits, herbs, pulses and spices used by top chefs and home-cooks from across the world's cuisines. Host Maeve O'Meara explores seasonal food traditions of preserving the best of the harvest - from Italian tomato day to Turkish pepper paste, highlighting recipes as diverse as inspired Middle Eastern textural salads, delicious vegetarian dishes from Japan, Cuba and Morocco plus classic Greek stuffed vegetables; Lebanese fried cauliflower with tahini; Mexican chiles rellenos; Spanish charred leeks with romesco; spices used in Sri Lankan love cake and a more-ish ginger cake. Earth is an absolute feast of flavour and inspiration. Vegetables have never been so sexy! FOOD SAFARI FIRE: features the elemental pleasure of baking in ashes, smoking fish, grilling over hot coals, one pot cooking over an open flame, roasting in a wood fired oven and the impressive heat of the tandoors of the subcontinent. Over 13 episodes, host Maeve O'Meara learns the secrets of age old techniques and inventive ways of cooking with fire including Portuguese piri piri chicken; Syrian kafta, smoked 12-hour beef brisket and pulled pork; Chilean pork belly, Mexican tacos, Sardinian suckling pig, Spanish perol, Greek lamb on the spit and Chinese tea-smoked duck. Everything tastes better cooked with fire! FOOD SAFARI WATER: showcases the great seafood dishes of the world and explores the traditions of catching and preserving fish, shellfish, crustaceans and sea vegetables - a celebration of hardworking fishermen and women, divers and foragers, processors and smokers as well the brilliant chefs and home cooks who share their treasured recipes and techniques. Host Maeve O'Meara celebrates what many call "the best protein the planet" with tips on cooking fish perfectly and recipes from around the world.

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Actors Maeve OMeara
Director Not Specified
Producer Toufic Charabati
Runtime 910

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