Hidden Objects: Special Destinations

Hidden Objects: Special Destinations

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Catalogue no: LP000203

Media: Launchpad

Category: Launchpads

Genre: Educational

Barcode: 9781467624282

Language: English

Release Date: 01-04-2016

Availability: In stock

Can you find the objects hidden in every scene? Brain Games help train your mind by challenging memory, reaction time, problem-solving and o

Can you find the objects hidden in every scene? Brain Games help train your mind by challenging memory, reaction time, problem-solving and observation skills, attention span and more.


  • Hidden Objects: Maui (App) - Hidden Objects Maui lets you explore one of the most beautiful Hawaiin Islands! Enjoy this magnificently scenic island and get overwhelmed by it's beauty while searching for objects.
  • Hidden Objects: Secret Garden (App) - Hidden Objects -- Secret Garden is a magnificently designed search and finder game with over 30 majestic garden levels. Explore breathtaking gardens around the world. Search through rose gardens, Japanese gardens, Las Vegas Bellagio's Botanical Gardens, English gardens and more!
  • Hidden Objects: Candy Shop (App) - Hidden Objects-Candy Shop will bring out your sweet tooth as you search for your favorite treats and desserts.
  • Hidden Objects: Carnival & Fair Circus (App) - Hidden Objects-Carnival & Fair Circus will take you to the greatest show on earth! Search for objects and take a tour through your favorite amusement park rides as you search to solve puzzles.
  • Hidden Objects: Carnival Circus (App) - Hidden Objects Carnival Circus is a magnificently designed finder game with numerous big top-, carnival-, and amusement park-themed levels. Plus, fun objects to find amongst clowns, carousel horses, fair food, amusement park rides and more! Search and Find plenty of circus trademarks, carnival and fair food, clowns, games and more.
  • Hidden Objects: Desserts (App) - Hidden Objects-Desserts and Cupcakes will make your mouth water as you search for treats at candy stores, bakeries and ice cream shops.
  • Hidden Objects: Ghost Town (App) - Hidden Objects Ghost Town is a cleverly crafted finder game with numerous, abandoned ghost town-themed levels. Find hidden items in vacant, haunted towns across Europe, Canada and the United States. A mysterious adventure is waiting!
  • Hidden Objects: Haunted Amusement & Theme Parks (App) - Hidden Objects-Haunted Amusement & Theme Parks is filled with mysterious adventures waiting for you to discover!
  • Hidden Objects: Hollywood Celebrity (App) - Hidden Objects Hollywood Secret is a glamorously designed search and finder game with numerous Hollywood- and Los Angeles-themed levels and fabulous items. How many celebrities, sports cars, diamonds, and LA landmarks can you find?
  • Hidden Objects: LA Celebrity (App) - Hidden Objects - LA is a fabulously designed finder game with numerous Southern California inspired items. How many LA landmarks and celebrities can you find?
  • 8GB Launchpad Grey Unit
  • Launchpad Bumper: Black

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• Carry case -- Comes with a lightweight carry case equipped with a handle.

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