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Category: Streaming, Reference, Community

Release Date: 21-08-2007

RealTime Health produces Australia’s most trusted and extensive patient storytelling video resource. Hear directly from people who are livi
RealTime Health produces Australia’s most trusted and extensive patient storytelling video resource. Hear directly from people who are living with health conditions, and their loved ones. They share the impact that the condition has had on relationships, employment, lifestyle and more, and share practical advice and encouragement for others who have been newly diagnosed.

Subjects covered include: acquired brain injury, arthritis, autism, asthma, mental health, cancer, COPD, cystic fibrosis, type 1 and 2 diabetes, dementia, eating disorders, epilepsy, grief and loss, healthy ageing, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, infertility, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke and many more.

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RealTime Health Review by Sarah, Miryana, Regina
1) Describe this resource in one sentence.

Sarah: Useful for people who are interested in health stuff.

Miryana: A fairly comprehensive and easy-to-use resource of video clips providing information on various medical conditions from the perspective of the patient and/or carer.

Regina: A comprehensive, thorough database of health information told in videos on personal experiences and tips and tricks.

2) You would use this if…

Sarah: l wanted to know more about something l don’t know enough about or follow up what the doctor says.

Miryana: You were looking to find out how other people have coped with a particular illness. How it affected them and their family. What are the challenges. What strategies they used in the healing process and how the condition was diagnosed and treated.

Regina: I have a health-related topic in mind that I want to quickly learn about.

3) It’s suitable for…

Sarah: Anyone who needs the info on hand.

Miryana: Anyone wanting to gain a quick insight into the nature of an illness and what resources are available.

Regina: People who just need very basic information about certain illnesses and how other patients (and carers) have dealt with those illnesses.

4) It would be useful for schools and/or libraries because…

Sarah: It is easy to access.

Miryana: It allows users to quickly browse the database of video clips and also provides a keyword search. It would be a very useful resource for students and teachers. The information can be used for assignments, presentations and health promotion events.

Regina: It’s a quick one-stop guide for health-related information that covers common illnesses.

5) My favourite feature is…

A personal experience video on substitute decision makers for advance care planning.

Sarah: The index of all possible topics would be extra useful for us. However, the only let down is there is no captions on the videos.

Miryana: The storytelling aspect which can help motivate people to take action. It can be very comforting to hear other peoples account of their illness, and what their journey has been like, so that you know you are not alone and that there is help and solutions available.

Regina: The experiences videos! They make the resource seem that much more personal.

(Posted on 17/11/2016)