Mango Languages

Mango Languages

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Catalogue no: DES014ONL


Category: LOTE & ESL, Language Learning

Release Date: 04-02-2011

Mango is an online language-learning system that teaches actual conversation skills for 36 different languages (and still growing), as well as ESL courses tailored to native speakers of 14 different languages.

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Mango Languages Review by Lukas
Describe this resource in one sentence:
A fun and simple way to learning a new language and making it stick!

A feature I like most is:
Mango Languages reinforces commonly used phrases through repetition and clearly explains the WHY in sentence structures, something many other resources fail to provide. I started learning Japanese through Mango before venturing on my holiday to Japan and can safely say that I LITERALLY used almost everything that Mango taught me. I even got compliments from locals saying how well I spoke Japanese!

You would use this if:
You are travelling overseas or simply want to learn a new language!

It is useful for libraries because:
Mango covers a wide range of languages to study and with Australia being the multicultural sandbox that it is, Mango Languages is a great way to learn about other cultures!
(Posted on 27/09/2018)