The Square (2017)

The Square (2017)

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Catalogue no: MMA9277

Media: DVD

Classification: MA15+

Category: Film

Genre: Drama

Barcode: 9322225227699

No of Discs: 1

Year: 2017

Release Date: 01-08-2018

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From Force Majeure director Ruben Ostlund comes the Palme d'Or winning satire - The Square. A poignant reflections of our times - about the
From Force Majeure director Ruben Ostlund comes the Palme d'Or winning satire - The Square. A poignant reflections of our times - about the sense of community, moral courage and the affluent person's need for egocentricity in an increasingly uncertain age - Ostlund's comedy starts Claes Bang as Christian, the respected curator of a contemporary art museum. Confident he is a 'good man', Christian commissions an artistic installation that encourages visitors to reflect upon their responsibility to be kind to their fellow human beings However, the theft of Christian's mobile phone initiates a series of actions that exhibits how difficult it can be to live up to your own ideals before errupting into an apocalyptic, self-imposed existential crisis. THE SQUARE is a hysterically funny insight into the disconnect between how we see ourselves and the reality of our behavior.

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Actors Claes Bang, Terry Notary, Dominic West, Elisabeth Moss
Director Ruben Ostlund
Runtime 145

Digitales Reviews

The Square Review by Vicky
1. Did you like it?
Um...yes, I think so.

2. Why?
Engaging from the outset, it’s an intelligent, funny and gripping satire set in Sweden’s high-concept art world. The Square’s themes are heavy as it critiques contemporary art practices and explores modern social constructs, yet it is peppered with enough absurdist scenes and laugh out loud moments, that overall I had an enjoyable experience watching this film.

3. Finish this sentence: “You would enjoy this if…”
You wish to have a heated and lengthy post-film discussion about how on-point the film is with its essential depiction of art and world as at odds, ludicrous and hypocritical.

4. Finish this sentence: “This made me think about…”
The ridiculous nature of humans and the labels we assign ourselves.
(Posted on 30/08/2018)
The Square Review by Digitales Film Club
In general, did people enjoy this film?

Mostly, yes! Though perhaps to differing degrees. There was discussion about the nature of the comedy and whether in some cases it fell flat. In general though we agreed that the acting and pacing were the most notable factors – Both assisted this film in feeling more than just another slightly absurd satire. The chemistry between characters felt very natural, the cinematography was beautiful and the social commentary was subtle enough to create an impact, but not overwhelm.

What did they like / not like about it?

I didn’t like a lot of the comedy in the film, which held me back from really enjoying it. A lot of the time it just didn’t work for me, or felt like it thought it was more clever than it really was. However, I liked the structure of the film, which ended up being almost a series of vignettes, with no real conclusion. I also thought a lot of the themes it touched on were interesting as well, even though a lot of the time they were only hinted at rather than fully explored. The performance art scene was especially great, and lead actor Claes Bang was fantastic. - Liam

This was very much my kind of film; A slice of life with a little of the absurd. From the beginning I found myself intrigued and along for the ride. The introduction of characters, the pacing of the narrative, and the shorter vignettes of life helped keep me interested in a fairly long film that certainly, to me, did not feel like 2 1/2 hours. - Mali

Really enjoyed The Square. Well acted and believable cast except perhaps for the incessant over reaction by the boy – irritating but highlighting the consequences of a quick fix strategy (the letter) I guess. Could draw a parallel to the lack of attention/due diligence to the marketing video.The “help me” theme throughout the film could be directed at the main character even though he didn’t seek it. Loved the Tourette’s scene – could have gone on longer! – Eddy

Keywords used to describe this movie:

Satire. Fresh. Interesting. Vignette. Comedy. Unique. Unfocused. Absurd.

Would people recommend it to a friend?

Yes. It explores some interesting themes that spark conversations. (Posted on 8/08/2018)