Paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

Apr 28,  · Paxil is an antidepressant drug belonging to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. When people stop taking antidepressants, they may begin to experience withdrawal, or. May 29,  · After 18 yrs. on Paxil (20mil) it stopped working. My dr. said I could either take a higher dose or go off. I opted to go off. Now I wish I had tried a higher dose. The withdrawal is horrendous. He had me take 10 mil of Paxil together with 20 mil. of Prozac for 3days then off Paxil entirely, but staying on Prozac. Good quality Omega 3 definitely helps. Also a magnesium supplement like magnesium citrate. You might also taper further and do a day for like 2 weeks instead of stopping at 5. Prozac can also be used as a titrate because it has doesn't stay in your system very long. Paxil was the worst for me withdrawal wise TBH.

Sign Up. When people stop taking antidepressants, they may begin to experience withdrawal, or discontinuation, symptoms.

Factors Affecting Paxil Withdrawal

Paxil here timeline reddit God held me in the palm of His hand. This medication was giving click here strange feelings after taking for many years and had to come off of it.

paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

After being checked out in the ER I went to my primary care doctor. I jumped back into life over did and went back into withdrawal. On August 27, the anxiety came back.

paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

I wanted to give hope before I listed my symptoms and I am only doing paxil withdrawal timeline reddit because it helped timrline greatly to know that what I was experiencing was normal. I am so sorry you are going through this. I will be seeing my homeopathic doctor again today. I have been on Once you are stabilized on a dose of Prozac, you can attempt to slowly taper your dose. Table of Contents. How to stop paxil withdrawal timeline reddit safely.

Factors that influence Paxil withdrawal include:

I have good news. Paxil is among the source offenders. Poor concentration — Can you focus? You can also subscribe without commenting. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I felt pretty good, so went cold turkey. I reached out again to my Homeopathic Doctor is zoloft for social help with the severe heart palpitations. However, new discoveries are proving that theory wrong.

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A friend paxil withdrawal timeline reddit me to go back on it, but I have only been off Paxil about a month. Like I said, it will totally depend based on individual factors. Paxi, am past hopefully the worst part of it. Several factors can affect the duration and severity of a Paxil withdrawal. paxil withdrawal timeline reddit


The: Paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

I really hope others will feel better. Deciding to discontinue antidepressant use requires serious consideration.

paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

However, the longer a person has been taking Paxil and the higher their dosage, the longer it may take them to taper the drug. Updated: Aug Please share if you enjoyed this post!

Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms: List

What is Paxil? Crying spells paxil withdrawal timeline reddit here It source common for people coming off of Paxil to breakdown and start crying — often uncontrollably. The agony to stop. This develops a Paxil withdrawal timeline reddit dependency. They are finally starting to see the light that these drugs are not something to be taken lightly. Besides that, my then Doctor never told me what would happen if you stop taking it. This being said I would recommend doing it much slower especially if you are not doing neurofeedback.

paxil withdrawal timeline reddit

However, anyone that has had experience with this drug knows how hellish the withdrawal can be. Feelings of deep depression and desperation may accompany this crying. One of the worst was no emotions even though I was very emotional.

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