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BOOKR supports learning English as a Foreign Language for ages 4 – 14. Powered by AI and designed for every type of learner, the BOOKR platform offers a unique blend of vivid illustrations, engaging animations, authentic narration, and goal-oriented games targeting diverse language capabilities.  With features like audio-visual support, text highlighting, and voiceover assistance, BOOKR is an engaging, stress-free environment where every child can thrive while having fun. 

Personalized Learning with AI - BOOKR harnesses the potential of AI to tailor educational experiences to each person’s unique needs, preferences, and pace. 

Key Features: 

  • Animations 
    Illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but they are moderate enough not to distract users from reading. 
  • Native Narration 
    Experience authentic language nuances with our predominantly British or American English narrations. 
  • Text highlighting 
    Enhance reading comprehension and focus with synchronized text highlighting, designed to support different learning styles. 
  • Educational Games 
    Fun educational games help to highlight the main linguistic elements and features for more focused, intentional learning and practice. 
  • Collectible Awards 
    Inspire consistent progress and achievement with our collectible badges and coins. 
    Research has consistently shown that the unique blend of features in our e-books significantly propels language acquisition. 
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