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Discover the Benefits of Solving Puzzles with the Clue Detective

Solving word, logic puzzles and quizzes has been a popular pastime for many people over a long period of time.  It definitely shows no sign of abating.  Puzzlers continue to derive real benefit by taking the time to play and solve these brainteasing games.


Research conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society through Kings College, London in 2015 found that doing regular brain training exercises can help to improve cognitive function in older people.  But no matter what age you are, it is never too early to start puzzling!


The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is committed to promoting the benefits of solving puzzles to people of all ages, and has created its own online puzzle portal, which contains a growing number of original crosswords, codewords, trivia quizzes and Sudoku.  All puzzles can be solved on a PC, laptop or iPad.  The portal is updated on a regular basis, and makes a very useful addition to a public library's selection for e-resources.

In 2018, the libraries at the City of Holdfast Bay (Brighton and Glenelg) in Adelaide established a Clue Detective puzzle club for their patrons. Their groups meet on a monthly basis, and participants enjoy solving crosswords, codewords, Filmograppuzzle cryptograms and their most favourite is the Timeline Trivia Quiz.  It's great fun, and the members of the group find that working together to solve the puzzles, as well as the socially interacting with others is highly beneficial.


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