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Discover the Benefits of Solving Puzzles with the Clue Detective

Most people are aware of the popularity and benefits of solving. These humble brain teasers have been around in various formats for centuries. People love them as much as ever because they are fun, challenging and give their brain a work-out. 

Through their research Clue Detective has established that they are also an effective way to manage anxiety and panic attacks. They have developed the CUSP Principle (Catching up (with Friends to) Solve Puzzles, an initiative that has been rolled out in public libraries combined with digital where patrons gather to solve puzzles on their iPads and then go out for coffee afterwards.

This activity has many advantages. People are often still struggling to re-socialise in the post-pandemic era and this gives them incentive to get out of the house and come to the library. They meet new people, learn and have fun.

"Digital literacy/socialisation and mental health & wellbeing in one great little project..." Jonathan Salmon, Library Communications and Promotions Officer, City of Port Phillip Libraries

A Clue Detective library membership offers puzzling on a ‘global’ scale across a library’s entire population.  Once a library has subscribed, any member of the library has secure access to the puzzle portal from wherever they are; in the library, at home, in a cafe or during their daily commute.

Clue Detective are now offering regular virtual puzzle clubs with your subscription. Hosted by Clue Detective’s founder and puzzle aficionado Catherine, library members can connect, improve digital literacy, and enjoy puzzling and they’re taken through a series of puzzles in the online portal.

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