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I Speak Spanish!

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    1 Sep 2016

Children will learn basic Spanish as they dive into interactive storybooks and games filled with familiar objects, locations, and life events.

- Associate familiar objects with Spanish words
- Hear the proper pronunciation of words
- Practice basic vocabulary
- Learn the names of all the colors


  • Monki Shake It (Spanish) (App) - Kids will have fun while learning! Children will learn to follow directions, match and categorize as they move from the different activities! Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • L.L. and his First Trip to the Dentist (Spanish) (App) - It's a well-known fact that every young boy or girl dreads going to the dentist. Luckily, Luca is there to help show your child that there's nothing to fear about going in for a regular check-up!
  • L.L. The Brown-Eyed Boy with Magic Eyelashes (SPN) (App) - Luca Lashes explores the world around him and encounters many first-time experiences. In this introductory story, his lashes help him to conquer his fears and be OK with his new experiences.
  • L.L. Visits the Doctor (Spanish Version) (App) - The doctor is not so scary when you know what to expect. Join Luca Lashes as he visits his doctor, braves a shot and gets a cool band-aid for the road. Children experience this pediatric appointment interactively through the magic of touch, sight and sound.
  • Learn Spanish 3 (App) - Increase your Spanish word vocabulary with Learn Spanish 3.
  • Little Pim Colors - Spanish (App) - Little Pim is looking for balloons of different colors and needs your help! Learn the Spanish words for all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Monki Birthday Party (Spanish) (App) - Join Cowry and friends as they celebrate her birthday. A great opportunity to learn language skills while having fun! Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Monki Hide & Seek (Spanish) (App) - Kids join this fun adventure and play "Hide and Seek" in different colorful worlds.
  • Monki Hide & Seek 2 (Spanish) (App) - Kids join this fun adventure and play "Hide and Seek" in different colorful worlds.
  • Monki Home (Spanish) (App) - Come play with Monkiland's many friends and learn everyday words in different languages! Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • 8GB Launchpad Grey Unit

About Launchpad

Launchpad is the first-ever secure tablet designed for circulation. Pre-loaded with interactive content and immediately ready to circulate, every Launchpad is durable enough to pass from one set of hands to the next.


• One-touch reset -- No staff maintenance is required.
• Intuitive experience -- Easy for patrons to navigate and use regardless of age or technical ability.
• 100% secure -- Free of Wi-Fi and camera capabilities for a secure and controlled user experience.
• Customisable interface -- Users will be able to adjust background colour, personal avatars, and screen brightness.
• Carry case -- Comes with a lightweight carry case equipped with a handle.

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