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Mussila Wordplay

Mussila Wordplay
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Mussila provides digital solutions for children aged 6 to 10 years old, to learn through a unique learn, Play, and Create methodology.

Mussila WordPlay is a reading comprehension app that was developed in collaboration with speech and language therapists. The main objective of Mussila WordPlay is to increase vocabulary, listening skills, and working memory. Children learn to read and listen to the words, play quizzes, crossword puzzles, and even learn the English language by singing. Children can create their own stories and access the library to pick a book to read or listen to.

Mussila WordPlay is based on evidence-based ideas and clinical expertise in speech and language pathology. The learning paths in the app have shown impressive results in learning language skills. Research shows that language and music are connected through listening, rhythm and learning to sing along, which is an important skill to develop phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is a vital skill to learn how to play with the word sound system, which is fundamental for reading fluency.


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