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Nessy Reading & Spelling

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Developed at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre by a team of specialists, the program has been used successfully since 1999, with hundreds of thousands of children around the world. During that time, it has proven to be one of the most effective teaching systems ever created.

Designed for children aged 6-11 years. However, independent research has shown the program to be effective for older children, adults and even for those learning English as an additional language.

Featuring 100 lessons packed with video strategies, engaging games and thousands of supporting printable worksheets and card games.

Each child learns independently and at their own pace, gradually building confidence. The program starts with a fun assessment that identifies exactly where the user needs help, then guides them through target lessons.

Teachers can adapt the targets and use the program as a supplement for their lessons. Equally, many thousands of parents have used Nessy without a specialist teacher, to help their children at home. Nessy systemically develops phonemic awareness, phonics, blending and segmentation, sight words, reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

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