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Oddizzi is a refreshingly different award winning multimedia children’s resource; it has a depth and variety of content that allows children to explore, read, watch, listen, contribute, play and connect together.

Oddizzi’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it focuses on one area of learning and delivers this in a number of ways. It is a “one-stop-shop” for world learning which means that users don’t have to switch between resources with varying levels of quality and content or that have been developed for a broader audience and not just children.

Oddizzi is a fantastic resource to help children learn geography and also brilliantly supports the teaching of literacy, global issues, maths, IT, citizenship and multicultural topics.

Oddizzi allows children to explore the world through an easy to use interactive map with clickable content-rich pins and a host of colourful, vibrant characters. Oddizzi contains 500+ pages of written content, images and videos.

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