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What's Up, Doc?

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    1 Mar 2017

From the dentist to doctor, What's Up, Doc? lets kids explore what it’s like to clean teeth, take care of newborns, perform different medical procedures, nurture animals and more.

This Launchpad includes the following apps:

  • Celebrity Dentist Office Pets. These pampered pets need their teeth cleaned for the red carpet, stat.
  • Pet Vet Doctor. Test your veterinary skills healing dogs, cats, bunnies and horses. You'll have them feeling better in no time!
  • Baby Nurse. Do you have what it takes to help look after these adorable newborn babies?
  • Dentist Office Princess. Welcome to the only dentist office that is suitable for a princess. It's royal fun!
  • Ear Doctor Kids. Ears looking at you, kid. You'll tend to patients with ear problems, and even perform ear surgery!
  • Throat Doctor Kids. Use your scope to take a look inside patients' throats. Open wide and say aaah!
  • Celebrity Newborn Puppy & Mommy Pregnancy. Look after the cutest newborn puppies and their mums. It's doggone cute!
  •  Newborn Triplets. Taking care of three newborn babies at once isn't going to be easy. Whoa, mumma
  • Animal Marine Doctor. The doctor will sea you now. Become a Marine Surgeon and take care of seven adorable sea creatures, including a dolphin, a jellyfish and even a whale!
  • My Real Newborn Pet. If you love fluffy, baby animals, you're going to love this game!

Ideal for children aged between 5 and 7 years old, What's Up, Doc? guarantees hours of fun - no medical degree required!

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